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What is Sciatica!? Pain shooting down the leg!?

One of the most common complaint people report to us is radiating pain which shoot down from lower back to the leg. It could even be pins and needles or numbness which indicates that your nerve is not in best situation.

People usually like to categorise these symptoms to "sciatica", however as a physiotherapist, I tend to avoid using this term as much as I can. Reason being, it is likely to create fear and false belief which will delay your recovery and can actually stop proper healing. Hence rather than using "sciatica" to describe what patient may be going through, I tend to say "it looks like your lower back is struggling due to certain reason, and this may disturb your nerves"

"Sciatica" like symptoms may occur when:

- Muscle strain on lower back or hip

- Inflammation around lower back or hip

- Weakness of lower back or hip muscles (including core muscles)

- Reduction in movement (usually lower back or hip injury causes lack of movement)

- Poor posture

- Direct trauma to lower back or hip region (laceration, fall, car accident...etc)

With proper assessment and investigation, our physiotherapists are able to come up with appropriate treatment approach including manual therapy and guide you through tailored exercises to take on above issues.


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