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Sports Injury
Weightlifting exercises

Manual Therapy

  • Manual therapy involves soft or deep tissue (your muscle structures) releases as well as joint/ligament treatment

  • Dry needling/Acupuncture


  • Rehabilitation from your injury after operation (e.g. knee replacement) is essential part of restoring and strengthening body parts 

Sports Physio

  • Any sports related injuries

  • Maximize your performance

  • Return back to sports after an injury or surgery

Chronic Pain

  • Management of chronic pain such as arthritis, lower back pain, neck tension...etc

  • Providing guidance to self management


  • Work related injuries can be stressful and complicated

  • We will assist you to return back to work, and also communicate with work cover and your doctor

CTP/Third Party

  • Motor vehicle accident related injuries can significantly reduce quality of life

  • Pain, Stress and financial involvement is common

  • We can help you to overcome your suffering


  • We provide care to eligible DVA clients

  • We understand about chronic condition/s you are going through

  • We will help to control your pain and also better manage your condition


  • Eligible clients with doctor's referral will be given up to 5 sessions of physiotherapy management session (up to five sessions per calendar year

  • Make sure you consult your GP about this prior to making appointment

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