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HOPE PHYSIOtherapy rehabilitation clinic

About Us

Peter (Hyo Il) Ahn

Senior Physiotherapist / Director

Has Graduated from University of Sydney and bringing 11 years of musculoskeletal injury management and manual therapy "hands on" skills into Cairns / Mount Sheridan. Peter has extensively worked in private practice in Sydney (NSW), as well as in aged care and community setting. Peter has strong passion in treating people with pain whether if it is acute or chronic, and works to improve client's quality of life.

For past couple of years, Peter has been working in Cairns region and further extended his experience as musculoskeletal physiotherapist.

  • Peter specialises in Dry Needling technique (10 years of experience)

  • Peter focuses on Hands on treatment along with exercise prescription

  • Peter has strong experience in community based rehabilitation for Elderly clients to improve quality of life by assisting chronic pain and improving mobility

  • Post operative rehabilitation: ACL, knee or hip replacement, lower back surgery...etc


Elizabeth (Ji Hye) Park

Senior Physiotherapist / Director

Liz has graduated from University of Sydney in 2010

Liz has worked in hospital settings for many years assisting patients to rehabilitate post-operation and also private practice setting treating musculoskeletal injuries

Liz has also worked in Cairns for past 3 years as musculoskeletal physiotherapist specialising in Pilates, Dry needling and assisting people with rehabilitation

  • Liz is specialised in Pilates field, completed  full 9 courses (7 APPI and 2 DMA courses) to add on her skill in Modern Clinical Pilates

    • Mat work​

    • Equipment Pilates

    • Pilates rehabilitation and strengthening/conditioning

  • She is one to see if you have weak core muscles to prevent injuries

  • Liz is also very experienced and skilled in Dry needling technique 

  • Liz has extensive experience in post-operation rehabilitation (e.g. Total Knee Replacement)


Manny (Manabu) Kai


Manny is passionate musculoskeletal physiotherapist. Manny has completed his study as a physiotherapist in Japan in 2013, and now registered physiotherapist in Australia.

Manny is highly skilled with his manual therapy, and is also skilled in dry needling. Manny believes in holistic approach when he is treating a patient which results in great improvement on a patient's condition.

Manny's special area of interest is treating patient with:

  • Neck/shoulder injuries

  • Chronic tension/pain

  • Work place injuries

He is also experienced Jockey, had been Jockey in Cairns region for some time now!


Lena Wrensch

Physio Assistant

Lena has completed her physiotherapy degree in Germany and practiced as a qualified Physiotherapist for 5 years. After visiting Cairns, she has fell in love with FNQ, and decided to stay.

She is currently on her way to completing all the necessary process to become registered physiotherapist in Australia, and until then, she will be assisting our clients as a physio assistant.

Lena has been working in orthopaedic rehab sector, dealing with pre/post rehabilitation as well as varieties of musculoskeletal field. 

She is keen soccer player, and been actively participating on community events to assist community  utilising her physiotherapy  skills as a volunteer


Shaedyn Prosper

Senior Admin Officer

Shaedyn is first person to greet you in our clinic. Shaedyn is the essence to our front desk, and she has exceptional customer skills to help you to feel comfortable.


Shaedyn will assist you in organising appointment to see one of our therapist and guide you to settle into our clinic.


Rachel Barrett

Massage therapist / Physio Assistant

Rachel is currently on her way to become a registered remedial massage therapist. Rachel is passionate and showing excellence in assisting our patients. She is friendly and easy to talk to and her treatment skills are undoubtedly top class from her ongoing learning.


Kourtney Dale

Admin Officer

Kourtney is our new friendly admin officer who is ready to greet our clients and assist you with a big smile! 

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