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Shoulder injury

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Our shoulder is one of the most fascinating joint of our body! You will realise just how much you use your shoulder once you injure it, and it can be very frustrating experience.

Shoulder injury can be quite common for people who lift / push / pull...etc, heavy and repetitive physical work with their arms. When these physical action happens without control or with too much weight/speed, you are likely to injure your shoulder.

How common is it? It is the most common shoulder problem. 20% of people will have some signs and symptoms at some time in their lives. It most frequently begins in the middle age (45-65).

Quite commonly from injury, you can have your rotator cuff muscles and bursa inflamed, creating disturbance in your shoulder movement.


You will need to have your shoulder properly assessed and scans if recommended (x-ray / ultrasound scan...etc) , usually your physiotherapist should be able to have good idea how much damage you may have caused.

Treatment may include: Dry needling, Soft tissue release, Joint mobilisation, Range of Motion exercise...etc to restore your movement, strength, stability and function

It is highly recommended that you avoid activities that are causing pain at all time

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